Higher Learning Potential (HLP)

At Oxted School, a Higher Learning Potential (HLP) student is one whose ability is developed to a level significantly ahead of their year group, or who has the potential to develop such ability.

We identify our HLP students in the following ways:

  • Teaching staff are asked to nominate students
  • Shortly after joining the school all students sit a MidYIS (Middle Years Information System) test, which provides us with valuable baseline data
  • Prior to starting in Year 7 students are surveyed to identify out of school activities and achievements that may qualify them to join the register

Any student who achieves an MIDYIS overall score of 129+ or a score of 129+ in Mathematics, Vocabulary or Non Verbal is deemed gifted and talented. The rationale behind this is two-fold:

  • Such use of MidYIS is endorsed by YGT (Young, Gifted and Talented)
  • Whilst either an overall score of 129+ or a score of 129+ in the Maths / Vocabulary / Non Verbal section does not necessarily mean that a student’s ability is developed to a level significantly ahead of their year group, it certainly demonstrates that there is the potential to develop to such a level

If your child meets any of the criteria above, they will be put on the HLP register and you will be notified by letter. Moreover, their attainment will be monitored in order to ensure that they make good progress and we will endeavour to provide an appropriate level of challenge and support for them, as of course we aim to do for every child.

www.nace.co.uk (National Association for able Children)
www.nagcbritain.org (National Association for Gifted Children)
www.nrich.maths.org/public (Learning Support for able Mathematicians)
www.londongt.org (London Gifted and Talented)

Enrichment is defined as any learning activity outside or normal lesson time that students participate in voluntarily. The purpose is to improve the student’s motivation, build on their self esteem and help them become more effective and independent learners. Above all enrichment activities aim to raise achievement and compliment the work of teachers in the classroom, challenging HLP students to excel beyond expectations.

Individual subject areas provide wide-ranging enrichment for their HLP students, including competitions and awards, accelerated learning, clubs, visits, school productions, coaching and leadership responsibilities and mentoring.

Whole School Enrichment
In this section we advertise enrichment activities that may not necessarily come under the banner of a particular subject, but will equip students with skills that could be applied across the curriculum. We encourage parents to monitor regularly for activities that may interest / benefit their son or daughter.