Year 7 FDT Recipes

w/c 11 September – Cupcake Practical

Ingredients will be provided by School

w/c 18 September – Microwave Pudding

50g soft baking margarine or butter                     
50g caster sugar                             
50g self-raising flour                                  
1 medium egg                                              
1 tsp baking powder    

Optional Ingredients (choose 1 of the following if you wish)

1 tbsp cocoa powder
50g dried fruit e.g. currants
2 tbsp golden syrup
100g fresh fruit (e.g. apples, cherries, pears) or you could use tinned fruit for topping

A microwavable pudding basin or bowl to cook it in and a named sealable container to carry it home

Remember – buying fruit that is in season will usually be cheaper than using an exotic fruit. The fruit does not need to be completely fresh so this is a good way of using up fruit that may be “lurking” in the fruit bowl at home.

w/c 25 September - Fruit Crumble



150g plain flour or 150g wholemeal flour or 100g plain flour and 50g of oats or muesli
75g butter / margarine
50g sugar (white or brown)

2 cooking apples or 400-600g of seasonal fruit
25g sugar (optional)

A named ovenproof dish