Year 8 FDT Recipes

W/C 11 September – Pancakes

Ingredients will be provided at school

W/C 18 September - Vegetable Soup


Seasonal Vegetable Soup
250g mixed seasonal vegetables or one vegetable (e.g. onion, leek, carrot, celery, turnip, peas, cauliflower etc.)
500ml water (optional - 1 stock cube)
100g potato

1 clove of garlic
1-2 tsp fresh/dried herbs


Tomato Soup
50g bacon trimmings / bits
75g onion
75g carrot
50g flour
100g tomato puree (small tin)
1 litre vegetable stock
A named flask, screw top wide neck bottle or lidded container to take your soup home in

w/c 25 September - Popcorn chicken – GROUPS 8T AND 8U ONLY

200g chicken strips or dice (or Quorn pieces)
1-2 tbsp plain flour
1 egg

Choose one coating:

Coating 1:
50g breadcrumbs, 1 tsp mixed herbs, 1 tbsp parmesan, grated                          
Herbs and spices can be changed for personal taste

Coating 2:
50g breakfast cereal eg Rice Krispies or Cornflakes

Coating 3:
1 packet of crisps (any flavour)

Choose one dip:

Quick Ketchup
½ tin chopped tomatoes or 2 large tomatoes
½ red onion
1 clove garlic
1 tsp honey

Sour Cream and Chive Dip
2 tbsp sour cream
½ onion finely diced
1 clove garlic or 1 tsp garlic puree
Small bunch of chives

A named sealable container to carry it home in and small pot for sauce