Weekly Bulletin

w/c Monday 27 February 2017 - (week ONE)

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Monday 27 February

Gym and Dance Show Rehearsal (All Day, Main Hall)
Year 7 Assembly (Eden Hall)
Primary School Roadshow (3.30pm-4.15pm, St Johns School, Caterham)

Tuesday 28 February

Year 8 Assembly (Eden Hall)
KS3 Inter-House Debating Competition (sign up at lunchtime in H10)
Gym and Dance Show (6pm, Main Hall)

Wednesday 1 March

Prospective New Parents School Tour (9.45am-10.45am)
Year 9 Assembly (Eden Hall)
Gym and Dance Show (6pm, Main Hall)
Oxted School Community Choir Rehearsal (6.30pm-7.30pm, MU1)

Thursday 2 March

World Book Day
Year 10 Assembly (Eden Hall)
Year 13 Assembly (Old Hall)
Gym and Dance Show (6pm, Main Hall)

Friday 3 March

Year 11 Assembly (Eden Hall)
Future Friday Careers Talk (Period 5)

Saturday 4 March GCSE PE Hill Walking and Camp Craft (Blacklands Farm, East Grinstead)
Sunday 5 March GCSE PE Hill Walking and Camp Craft (Blacklands Farm, East Grinstead)

Please remind your son/daughter to get into the habit of checking Frog regularly for homework

A full list of tutor groups can be found on the websiteplease note all staff email addresses are now on the parent dashboard under Staff List

Enrichment Programme – Spring Term 

PE Fixtures – w/c 27 February 2017 Please note there will be no Year 7 Football training on Monday due to a fixture taking place

Oxted Running Club - Training is at Oxted every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 3.30pm meeting in Park Road, at the back of the school by the gates

Powerful Learner Characteristic: Resourceful
Students need to be resourceful in all aspects of their school life, such as:

  • At Home – making sure they have the correct equipment for the next day, make sure they are checking FROG and homework is completed to the best of their ability
  • In School – making sure they are on time to school and lessons, making sure their uniform is correct, making sure they are polite and well manner to both staff and fellow students
  • In Lessons – making sure they are focused and listening to the teacher, using their initiative and use brain – buddy – book – boss to develop their ability to learn independently

Safeguarding Bulletin – Domestic Abuse

BBC School Report
Oxted School has signed up to be part of this year’s BBC School Report, which will take place on Thursday 16 March 2017.
We are the only state school in this part of Surrey taking part, and both students and staff are incredibly proud to be involved in this initiative. The School Report will be delivered by members of our school newspaper team, ‘The Acorn’, together with students from our Visually Impaired centre. Mr Baker, Mrs Seymour, Mrs Leech, Ms Power, and Miss Stephen are all involved in coaching our students, and preparing them for the big day.
We have already sent off our ‘Pitch’ to the BBC, and our School Report will be focused on the experience of a student with Visual Impairment at Oxted. There will be opportunities for us to demonstrate specialist sports such as goal ball, to look at specialist equipment such as the students’ braille note machines, and to interview both VI and sighted students over the course of the day.
For more information, and to watch previous School Reports, see the BBC Website: www.bbc.co.uk/schoolreport

Spring Concert – Tuesday 28 March
The Music Department Spring Concert will be taking place at the United Reformed Church on Tuesday 28 March from 7pm. The concert will feature our enrichment groups and selected soloists from the GCSE and A-Level classes. Everyone is very welcome to attend.

SEN IT Provision
If your son or daughter is currently using an Alpha Smart, Laptop or Read Aloud Pen, please encourage them to use in class and it would be helpful to ask to see their class books to check that they are printing off their work and sticking it in their books. We appreciate there is a lot to organise but in order for them to secure access arrangements in their exams in future it is important that we prove they are using this provision. Any queries please contact senhelpdesk@oxtedschool.co.uk.

Oxted School Library Book of the Week
Available to try in the School Library (if concerned about age suitability please check with the Librarians)

The Hunted’ by Alex Shearer
In a future world where people live to be 150, humans have paid the price for their longer lives – the cost being their fertility.  Children have become a commodity:  they are bought and sold, won and lost, and worst of all, are hunted by the ‘kidnappers’ keen to make a quick buck on a big sale.

World Book Day – Parent Quiz

World Book Day - Thursday 2 March
The Library will be distributing World Book Day Tokens to use at your local book shop and Free World Book Day Books (1 per KS3 student)  www.worldbookday.com/  Students should collect their book either before school, after school, at break or lunchtime. 
Students are invited to bake a cake based on a book or theme from a book; the more creative the better!  Students who enter will be rewarded and invited to join a bespoke Tea Party in the Library at lunch time with staff on Thursday 2 March 2017. Cakes should be delivered to Miss Rollason in G7 on Thursday 2 March.

Easyfundraising – Shop Online and Raise Funds for Oxted School
Why not raise valuable extra funds for Oxted School by using this fantastic scheme when you shop online, you won’t pay a penny more for your shopping, in fact you can even SAVE MONEY as many retailers offer discounts and special offers exclusive to easyfundraising.  Easyfundraising is a shopping directory listing some of your favourite stores including Amazon, Marks & Spencer, Debenhams, Tesco, Sainsbury's, Thomson Holidays, Thomas Cook, Apple, PC World and many others.  Please register online at www.easyfundraising.org.uk and select Oxted School as the organisation you wish to support.

The Friends of Oxted School run a fantastic prize fund called the Friends of Oxted School 500 Club which gives you the opportunity of winning anything between £25 up to £500 for as little as £15 per number!  If you would like to take part in the 500 Club, please complete and return the forms Friends of Oxted School 500 Club 

If you would like to get involved in supporting the Friends of Oxted School, please contact the school.  New members are always welcome!

Local Events:
The Teen Parenting Course
Raw Skills Football Club
Oxted and District History Society

LCA Stage Academy run musical theatre classes at Oxted School in the Drama Studio every Saturday during term time. Classes are available for 3-5yrs (Rising Stars), 6-11yrs (Juniors) and 12-18yrs (Seniors). For more information regarding times and prices, or if you would like to book a FREE taster session, please contact info@lca-stage.com or call 07714276241 - www.lca-stage.com

Oxted School Music Department offer Singing Lessons
Louise Orfila is a professionally trained and qualified vocal coach who teaches pop, musical theatre and several other genres. She can also conduct voice lessons for actors. 
Lessons are available for students from Year 7 to Year 13 and are tailored to each individual student's goals. Whether you would like to build confidence, increase range, develop vocal technique or just sing for fun.
If you are interested in finding out more about lessons, contact Louise directly on 07714 276241 or email her via louise.orfila@hotmail.com

Instrumental Lessons
Oxted School are currently offering instrumental lessons for the following instruments through Surrey Arts: Violin, Cello, Drum Kit, Trumpet/Cornet, French Horn, Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba, Flute, Clarinet and Saxophone. If your son/daughter would like to take up a musical instrument please follow this link where you can find out how much lessons cost and how to apply https://www.surreycc.gov.uk/heritage-culture-and-recreation/surrey-arts/music/music-lessons-for-children


YEAR 7 - All recipes are on school website and FROG

Parent Notes from Mrs McNamara and Mr Stodart
FDT Recipe – Fruit Flapjacks
Technology Project Materials Letter 
MFL Parent Guide

YEAR 8 - All recipes are on school website and FROG

Parent Notes from Mrs McNamara and Miss Murphy
Progress Review Evening (Detillens & Grants) – Thursday 9 March
Progress Review Evening (Foyles, Stocketts & Tenchleys) – Thursday 9 March
FDT Recipe – Vegetable Soup
Technology Project Materials Letter
MFL Assessments and MFL Parent Guide 
Oxted & District Junior Football Club

YEAR 9 - All recipes are on school website and FROG

Friday 3 March Future Friday Careers Talk (Period 5)
Parent Notes from Mrs McNamara and Mr Hilton
FDT Recipe - Swiss Roll
Technology Project Materials Letter 
MFL Parent Guide


Friday 3 March Future Friday Careers Talk (Period 5)
Parent Notes from Mrs Evans, Year 10 Progress Leader
National Apprenticeship Show – Tuesday 7 March
Work Experience


Friday 3 March Future Friday Careers Talk (Period 5)
Parent Notes from Miss Bergamo, KS4 Achievement Leader
Sixth Form Applications - The message sent home to those students who have been offered a place in sixth form should have read September 2017.  Apologies for the error
Revision Classes (Updated Letter) – Easter and May Half Term
GCSE Music students have their final concert on Tuesday 21 March from 7pm in the Main Hall. This is compulsory for all students and they are required to perform their solo and their ensemble in preparation for their performance exams on Monday 27 March-Wednesday 29 March. The performance exams will take place during school time.  Students must provide a score of their part or they will not achieve a mark for their work. If your son/daughter needs accompanying for these performances they should ask a member of the Music Department as soon as possible.
Geography Period 6 takes place every Wednesday after school until the end of term
Science Homework Answers - Please follow the following links Add Bio HW1 Answers / B1 Answers Q1-7 / Core Bio H HW1 Answers to get the answers for the homework that was set on Frog for Science.  These have been set to give students the opportunity to independently work on their exam technique and they can work with you to mark their answers.  If students have found some questions difficult then they should firstly make a note of the area to revise over that again and secondly to talk to their teacher to help support them further
Preparing to Revise
Exam Timetables 
Week 8 - English Revision Tip -  Ask your son/daughter to mind-map the key themes for all of the literature set texts

sixth form

Thursday 2 March Year 13 Assembly (Old Hall)
Friday 3 March Future Friday Careers Talk (Period 5)
Parent Notes from Mr Bennett
A-Level Music students are required to perform in the sixth form music concert on Tuesday 14 March from 6pm in the Main Hall. Students in Year 12 must perform at least one piece of music and Year 13 students should have their full recital ready in preparation for their performance exam on Thursday 30 March.
Year 12 Higher Education Conventionpayment deadline Monday 6 March
Year 12 University of Surrey Summer School (Brochure, Application Form)
Work Experience (Year 12)