BBC School Report

Oxted School has signed up to be part of this year’s BBC School Report, which will take place on Thursday 16 March 2017.  We are the only state school in this part of Surrey taking part, and both students and staff are incredibly proud to be involved in this initiative.

The School Report will be delivered by members of our school newspaper team, ‘The Acorn’, together with students from our Visually Impaired centre. Mr Baker, Mrs Seymour, Mrs Leech, Ms Power, and Miss Stephen are all involved in coaching our students, and preparing them for the big day.

We have already sent off our ‘Pitch’ to the BBC, and our School Report will be focussed on the experience of a student with Visual Impairment at Oxted. There will be opportunities for us to demonstrate specialist sports such as goal ball, to look at specialist equipment such as the students’ ‘Braillenote’ machines, and to interview both VI and sighted students over the course of the day.

For more information, and to watch previous School Reports, see the BBC Website:

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