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Classical Civilisation


Every Classical Civilisation lesson contributes in some way to the SMSC targets:

Classics is supremely well placed to allow students a deeper understanding of key social, cultural issues, whilst also offering a unique insight into the human condition with all our passions, endeavours, creations, adventures, failures and cruelties.

We are committed to making a study of Classics relevant and useful in order that young people may better understand the world around them. We believe that a study of Classics leads to a more sophisticated and coherent understanding of respective societies, helping to forge an awareness of national heritage, as well as the social problems and challenges facing us today - in our generation.

Classics provides key skills such as the ability to analyse, to reason critically, to debate and argue, to communicate effectively, as well as providing the historical perspective needed to make balanced and informed judgments. Furthermore, we believe that a study of Classics should enhance the spiritual and moral dimension of the individual.


Students are taught about the Greek gods and their Roman equivalents, as well as a study of the Myths the Greeks and Romans used to guide their understanding of the world. Students also study Classical literature, in particular Virgil and Homer, and they are given the opportunity to explore the religious beliefs of the Greeks and Romans and the way in which these beliefs affected their lives.


Students are encouraged to question attitudes held by the Ancient Greeks and Romans, such as attitudes to slavery, the relationship between the Romans and the peoples of the different provinces of the Empire, gladiatorial combats etc. Set text study often raised moral dilemmas, for example Aeneas’ desertion of Dido.


Through their study of the political institutions of Ancient Greece and Rome, pupils learn about the origins of Western democracy. Collaborative work in all topics provides a valuable opportunity for students to work together collaboratively.


The study of the culture of Ancient Greece and Rome is an essential part of the teaching of Classics. Topics such as everyday life, education, entertainment and slavery.