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Health & Social Care - CACHE

Level CACHE Level 2 Technical Award
Exam Board CACHE

Health & Social Care gives students the opportunity to gain a broad understanding of health and social care services. Students develop a range of practical and transferable skills relevant to different areas of the health sector and the basics of caring for others. It provides excellent career opportunities for those who wish to work in the area of Health and Social Care and other careers.  

Course Content and Assessment Details
The CACHE Level 2 Technical Award in Health & Social Care is equivalent to one GCSE. The work is assessed through teacher assessment of portfolio evidence and one external assessment/examination.

The qualification is awarded at Pass, Merit, Distinction or Distinction*. 

The course is made up of three core units:

Unit 1: Introduction to the Health and Social Care Sector - Coursework / Portfolio Unit
This unit provides learners with a broad and in-depth knowledge base providing the opportunity to explore the health and social care sector. Students will explore the different health care services available and how relevant they are to the services user/clients. Students will also explore how these health and social care services and job roles are regulated and how they can be accessed by service users.

Unit 2: Professional Practice and the Health and Social Care Practitioner - Coursework / Portfolio Unit
Students learn about what is good practice in health and social care and what the care values are when dealing with clients. They consider what is meant by a duty of care, non-discriminatory practice and inclusion, as well as how to empower individuals by giving them choice and independence. Students will also learn about the skills, attributes and behaviours required for each job role as well as how different health care agencies/organisations work together to provide a more holistic care for the service user.

Unit 3: Human Growth and Development through the Life Stages - Coursework / Portfolio Unit
Students will explore the different life stages from birth to later adulthood and explore the factors that affect the way individuals in these life stages develop. Theories that have influenced the way individuals develop and the role of the health care practitioner in supporting individuals in the different life stages

Note: Students will be required to sit an externally assessed exam which summarises the learning from all three units.


Post-16 Choices
A-Level / Level 3 Health & Social Care which can lead to nursing - adult and child, learning disability, mental health; social work, teaching and work in the caring service industry. The subject offers a wide opportunity for careers in areas of the health services and social services, Sociology and Psychology.



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