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Specific Course Entry Requirements  
Examination Levels Offered AS and A-Level
Examination Board AQA

Sociology is the investigation of society and offers a real insight into everyday behaviour which makes us see our world in a new light and realise that things are not always what they seem. We look at topical issues, particularly related to the spheres of Education, Families, Religion and Crime. It is suited to students who have a keen interest in current affairs and who want to have a better understanding of the society in which they live; it is hugely enjoyable subject.

This subject encourages students to think for themselves and develop rational arguments based upon empirical and theoretical evidence. As the course is assessed through examinations, essay writing is an integral feature of our studies. Sociology at AS Level and A-level aims to enable students to develop a clear, logical and analytical argument, a skill that is vital for future academic work. 

Year 12
Students study three areas of Sociology which include Education, Research Methods and Families and Households

  • Education - Sociological theories, educational reforms, and internal & external factors affecting educational achievement to consider differential achievement by social class, gender and ethnicity
  • Research Methods - Primary and secondary research methods and sources of data alongside the practical, ethical and theoretical considerations of research. Students also apply their understanding of methods to researching an educational context
  • Families & Households - Sociological theories, couples, childhood, demography, changing patterns including family diversity and social policy affecting family life

In order to progress to the Year 13 A-level course, you must gain a minimum of a pass at D grade in the Year 13 Entrance Exams. 

Year 13
Students study three further areas of Sociology which include Crime & Deviance, Theory & Methods and Beliefs in Society.

  • Crime & Deviance - Sociological explanations of the nature of extent of crime, social characteristics of offenders, measuring the crime rate and different types of crime to include green, state and the global context of crime
  • Theory & Methods - Sociology as a science, the relationship between theory and method, the concepts of modernity and post-modernity and the relationship between Sociology and social policy
  • Beliefs in Society - Sociological perspectives, religious organisations including new religious movements, social characteristics and belief and the debate around secularisation

Assessment - three written exams, each worth 33.3% of final grade, covering the course content of both Year 12 and Year 13

  • Paper 1: Education with Theory & Methods - 2 hour written exam, including short answer questions and extended writing
  • Paper 2: Families & Households and Beliefs in Society - 2 hour written exam, extended writing
  • Paper 3: Crime & Deviance with Theory & Methods - 2 hour written exam, including short answer questions and extended writing




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