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Year 7 Recipes

W/C 17 September - Fruit Crumble 


150g plain flour or 150g wholemeal flour optional add 50g of oats or muesli
75 g butter / margarine
50g sugar (white or brown)

2 cooking apples or 400-600g of seasonal fruit
25g sugar (optional) 

A named ovenproof dish

W/C 24 September – Chicken Pasta Salad

100g pasta shapes
1 baby gem lettuce
1 tomato
¼ cucumber
1 carrot
100g cooked sliced chicken
2 x 15ml salad dressing e.g. low fat dressing, balsamic vinegar dressing 

A named sealable plastic container to carry it home 

W/C 1 October - Scones

200g self-raising flour                                     
1 tsp baking powder                       
50g hard margarine or butter
125ml milk  

Optional Ingredients:
Choose 1 or 2 ingredients from either the sweet or savoury list below:

25 g sugar plus 1 other ingredient                                                     
75g dried fruit                                                          
1 tbsp of zest from a citrus fruit                 
25g shredded coconut                               
1 tbsp cocoa powder                                   
1 tsp sweet spices                                                

75g grated cheese
2 rashers of cooked bacon
1 tsp mustard or tomato paste/ketchup
1 clove of garlic
1 tsp herbs or spices e.g. chilli

A named container to carry them home 

W/C 8 October – Cheese Pasties

50g Cheddar cheese
100g plain flour
50g butter or margarine
2 – 3 x 15ml cold water
1 egg

ADD either
½ small onion or 35g ham, or both 

A named container to take your food home in.

 W/C 15 October – Dutch Apple Cake

100g caster sugar
100g soft margarine
2 eggs
100g self raising flour
1 x 5ml baking powder
1 eating apple
1 x 5ml Cinnamon
1 x 5ml Demerara Sugar

 A 20cm square cake tin or foil trays (NB 2 foil trays can be supplied at school for 20p)