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Entry Requirements and How to Apply

Every year we welcome many students who have previously studied at other schools. Admission to the Sixth Form is predicated on the principle that it is possible to offer each student courses that are most appropriate for them and offer the greatest chance of success, progression, fulfilment and enjoyment. 

The general entry requirement for study in the Sixth Form is:

  • Average GCSE grade 4
  • Grade 4 in English Language or Literature and grade 4 in Mathematics 

In the event of a grade 4 not being achieved in English or Mathematics, the application will be reviewed but enrolment cannot be guaranteed.  Individual subjects may include their own subject specific requirements above the general entry requirement and these are available in the subject section of the Sixth Form Course Guide. The Sixth Form Team will advise and guide students through this process and provide any support that they may need to make appropriate choices. Individual circumstances may be considered by the Sixth Form Team when finalising enrolment decisions. 

We will accept students who achieve a grade 3 in Mathematics or English on an individual basis looking at the subjects they want to study and meeting the average GCSE grade 4 requirement. These students will then take English or Mathematics GCSE retake classes as one of their options. They can then choose two other subjects that they meet the requirements for. It is expected that students pass at the end of the year and then progress to take an additional AS level. If they do not pass, they may not be able to stay on at Oxted Sixth Form. 


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