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At KS3 it is key that students are familiar with the basic fabric of the world.  It is why at KS3 students are taught about maps, six figure grid references and how to analyse data to draw geographical conclusions. It is important that students gain an understanding of their changing world and how it may affect them. With growing concerns of climate change, it is important for students to understand the risk of tropical storms as well as the importance of vital eco systems in balancing our climate such as tropical rainforests in the carbon cycle- and with changing demands and worries about deforestation.  We aim to teach students about interconnective nature of the world's geography such as rising populations and how this drives issues such as energy, farming, pollution, and sustainability.   

It is our responsibility to encourage young people to be critical thinkers. It is essential that young people learn how to assess and evaluate options before making decisions. It is also pertinent that young people think sustainably and consider the most effective long-term solution to any problem, let alone significant global issues.  Economic world is useful at drawing some further complex ideas and understanding particularly for the top end of our students into why different conditions exist in different places. 

In addition, the world’s ecosystems are under increasing threat from a growing population and demand for resources. Increased global warming has contributed to melting ice caps and serial forest fires in unique environments around the world. It is important that young people are aware of the distinctive features and dynamics of these environments, and that they understand how human interactions are continuing to have an impact on these places, plants and animals.     

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