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English Language & Literature


At KS3 we aim to create a passion for English in our students through schemes of work that allow them to see themselves in the texts and concepts that we explore. We use staff specialist subject knowledge to teach students fundamental British values, whilst also preparing them for the challenges they will face in the wider world. In KS3 we understand the importance of building enthusiasm around our subject as students who enjoy their English lessons are more likely to succeed at GCSE. We introduce challenging texts with the aim to develop students’ skills in critical thinking and in order to challenge preconceptions, ideas and concepts. Underpinning every unit in our KS3 curriculum is the need to prepare students for the rigours of GCSE English Language and Literature. 

At KS4, students develop an understanding of the major themes, characters and settings in a range of literature. They will spend significant amounts of time learning how to read and understand both fiction and non-fiction while also having opportunities to craft their own. In doing so, students will develop their ability to explore a writer’s intentions, feel empowered to respond personally to anything they read and be confident in communicating their imaginative and creative narratives or viewpoints. These skills are crucial for any young person whether they pursue higher education or other career options. Our carefully selected units of study have been chosen because our department is passionate about our subject and want to share our love for reading and writing. 

The English curriculum is designed to provide students with the skills necessary to question the world around them, interpret a range of fiction and non-fiction sources and to be able to communicate their own ideas and viewpoints. Ultimately, we aim to support all our students to become lifelong enthusiasts of both reading and writing with the literacy skills necessary to thrive in today’s world.   

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