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Getting Ready for Sixth Form

We hope you are looking forward to the next exciting stage in your Oxted School life – Year 12. This information sheet will help you to start preparing for your successful transition to Oxted School Sixth Form. 

Sixth Form Team

The Sixth Form Team are here to help.  Ms Stodart and Mrs L’Estrange can normally be found in the Sixth Form Office in the Common Room in the Meridian building.  Until the start of Year 12, the team are happy to be contacted by email.

Year 12 First Day is Wednesday 4 September from 9.00am

Please check your school email before the induction day to find out the programme.   Normal Year 12 lessons will start on Thursday 5 September.  Your Year 12 timetable will be accessible from Teams or a copy can be printed for you by the Sixth Form Team.

Getting Organised

You will need a ring binder or lever arch file for each subject and subject dividers to separate topics and modules within the file. 

You will also need plastic wallets, pens, highlighters, pencils and rulers. For many subjects you will need a calculator. Optional items you may want to buy are blank flash cards for revision notes and a diary.

If you are going to be buying a new laptop for Sixth Form, then please do check that you can use Microsoft Teams and access OneDrive using the laptop.

Accessing school emails and Microsoft Teams from your phone

In Sixth Form you will be studying more independently.  Teachers and the Sixth Form Team will contact you via email or Teams and will expect you to check for messages every day. Most students will make sure that they can pick up school emails and Teams messages from their phone.

Paid Work in Year 12 and Year 13

Many Sixth Form students balance paid employment alongside their studies. However, it is important to keep a good balance to avoid getting too stressed or exhausted.  A maximum of 8 hours a week of paid work is recommended.  It is never OK to undertake paid work during school hours.


Early in Year 12, you will be encouraged to volunteer your time for a range of responsible roles including being a Peer Mentor, a Subject Captain or a Deputy House Captain, and a lot else besides. It enriches your life as a Sixth Form student and builds up an impressive CV. Start to think about the roles that you would like to go for.  If you have the opportunity to take part in a volunteering projects over the summer holiday, then do it if you can, to give yourself a head start in preparing your University personal statement towards the end of Year 12.

Dress Code

If you are thinking about buying clothes for Year 12 then bear in mind, in Sixth Form, we do want you to dress casually but smartly – school and education is a serious activity: you set an example to younger students and the correct appearance sets the right tone for the Sixth Form and school community. Although you do not wear school uniform, you still have a Sixth Form dress code that requires you to dress appropriately while in school.

This includes wearing your identification lanyard at all times, which is essential for our safeguarding arrangements at the school.


  • Smart casual wear
  • Smart jeans are acceptable
  • T-shirts and hoodies
  • Smart clean trainers

For more information about the dress code – please look at the A to Z Guide.