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Homework & Independent Learning

Homework Policy 

Homework is an essential part of a child’s education. It helps students to consolidate what they have done; it gives them a chance to prepare for work to come; and it helps them to develop independent study skills. Homework should be meaningful for the student and manageable for the teacher.


Time Allocation of Homework

At KS3, most subjects will set homework once a fortnight, but it will vary by year group and subject.

At KS4, most subjects will set homework once a week, but it will vary by year group and subject.

At KS5, homework is essential to foster effective independent learning. Course delivery is planned to encourage students to conduct additional hours of study outside of lessons. 


All homework should be completed to the best of the student’s ability. Students can expect to be asked to re-do incomplete or substandard homework in a detention at the discretion of the individual department. 

Submission of Homework

All homework is set on Teams. For those students without internet access, paper copies are made available by the class teacher.

Homework must be submitted to the teacher on the day it is due, in a format previously agreed with the teacher. Students must expect there to be a follow up action by the teacher if their homework is consistently late without a note of explanation from a parent or carer. 

Expectations of Marking

Following the school feedback policy, not all homework will necessarily be marked with written feedback, but will be checked to ensure that it has been completed to the best of the student’s ability. If appropriate, the teacher will review the homework in class or provide a mark scheme so that work can be peer or self-marked. 

Sanctions for Non-Completion of Homework

It is important that we hold students to account for not completing homework. It is equally important that support is in place for those students who struggle to complete homework, due to a lack of resources or a lack of understanding. Sanctioning of non-completion of homework will be kept separate from behaviour.

As a parent/carer, if your child has not completed homework, you will receive a message to inform you. If your child repeatedly misses homework deadlines, support will be put in place from the Faculty to ensure that homework is completed. If a Homework Reflection is set, this will be an opportunity for your child to work with a subject specialist to complete the homework.