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KS3 Science


At Oxted School, all students cover topics in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Two topics are taught each half term on rotation. Students build on KS2 knowledge from Primary School and cover the fundamentals of concepts required for GCSE. In each of these topics students develop their practical skills, mathematical techniques and lab safety.

The Year 7 and Year 8 topics covered are:

  • Biology – Ecosystems, Genes, Movement, Organisms
  • Chemistry – Matter, Metals, Reactions, Atomic structure and bonding
  • Physics – Electromagnets, Energy, Forces, Waves, Space

The Year 9 topics provide a foundation for GCSE science as follows:

  • Biology – Cell structure and transport, Cell division, Organisation and the digestive system
  • Chemistry – Atoms elements and compounds, The Earth’s atmosphere, The periodic table, Structure and bonding, Crude oil and fuels
  • Physics – Energy resources, Energy transfer by heating, Conservation and dissipation of energy, Waves

Assessment and Grading

Students are assessed formally four times in Year 7. Year 8 and Year 9. Assessments are used to identify misconceptions which we will address when we complete the Dedicated Improvement and Reflection Time activity. Sets are mixed ability in Year 7 and Year 8. Assessments are also used to evaluate attainment for setting which begins in Year 9.

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