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KS4 Science


There are three routes through KS4 science at Oxted School. Students are matched with the assessment route most appropriate for them. 

In all courses, we will support students to: apply concepts to examples in everyday life, begin to look at the social and economic impacts of scientific ideas; linking the key ideas in each of the core scientific subjects and apply their mathematical knowledge.

We hope that students will engage with the topics they study to build an extensive vocabulary; understand key concepts; describe processes; ask questions, complete practical work take measurements; collect, present and analyse data; draw conclusions and evaluate and assess risk. 

Biology, Chemistry and Physics are taught throughout all routes, but the level of difficulty and skill becomes incrementally more demanding as course equate to a greater number of GCSEs. Students are assessed formally during Year 9 and Year 10 with a final decision on their KS4 route made prior to Year 11.

  • A very small number of students will take the Entry Level Certificate, which is below the foundation level of GCSE and therefore students will not achieve a GCSE

  • The majority of students will follow the Combined Science Trilogy GCSE course which equates to two GCSEs.  This course is now known as ‘Trilogy’.  The exam is divided into two tiers: the foundation tier covering grades 1-5 and the higher tier covering grades 4-9

  • There is the option for the most highly achieving students (determined by class set and assessment data) will be able to choose GCSE Separate Science as an option subject in Year 9. This means that they will take three separate GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The expectation is that these students will take higher tier examinations covering grades 4-9.  It is not possible to take one or two GCSEs in individual Science subjects  

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