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Media Studies


In Media, we want to prepare our students for the real world. We want them to question what is ‘truth’ and understand purpose behind the media. As we live in an ever-evolving world with technological developments, we want students to learn the journey that has developed and the impact this has on society. Media affects all of us, every day and therefore students need to understand this and the industry. In media we focus on ethnicity, gender, and sexuality representations. It is important for students to know how these were in the past to understand the developments now and where we want them to go in the future. When studying set texts, we ensure we focus on this. This subject has many cross curricular links both at KS4, KS5 and beyond.

At KS4 and KS5 students will develop an understanding of the media framework; Media language, audience, industry, representation and context. They will learn new and key media terminology. They will learn key theories and how to apply this. Students will learn how to write extended essays. In doing so, students will develop their essay writing skills whilst learning how to analyse texts and include theory and terminology. This teaches students important skills that they will need for further studies of analytical based subjects. It also allows students to have a critique of the media and question what they see and the intent and purpose. Each unit is taught through analysing the industry and contexts then into the set texts where media language and representation are analysed. Teaching it this way allows students to have a detailed analysis able to apply evidence and context to their answers. 

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